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10 Ways To Create Higher Quality Engagement On Instagram

We hear people tossing the word "Instagram Engagement" and "Engagement Rate" around all the time but there is a significant difference between having a high engagement rate or having a lot of engagement AND having HIGH-QUALITY ENGAGEMENT. Here is a list of 10 things you can start doing to not only increase your engagement but also attract high-quality engagement to your content on Instagram.

Instagram users have found different ways to trick the Instagram algorithms and create an inauthentic engagement rate for themselves for years with engagement pods, bots and other automation services. But as I always say "10K followers are great but if $10K in your bank account is better", tricking Instagram engagement with these methods is a never-ending game and could be harmful to your personal brand & your business brand. You will most likely end up with comments that are super shallow, generic and general and they show that your audience isn't genuinely interacting with your brand.



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