Welcome To The Glow Empire Podcast!

Hello bosses,

Welcome to The Glow Empire Podcast! This is the go-to podcast for modern women who aspire to be visionaries, build their business empires, and make their dreams happen while looking & feeling their best selves. Hosted by Tracey Nguyen, a content creator, entrepreneur and business mentor for women, this podcast brings you fresh, unapologetic and inspiring conversations about personal growth, business, branding & what's HOT in the beauty industry.

Get ready to feel empowered, inspired and challenged by different perspectives and stories of women who are move-makers, thought leaders & industry shakers.

If you would like to connect, here are my social media channels:

Instagram @traceynguyen.co/ Tiktok @traceynguyen.co

Linkedin @traceyhainguyen/ Youtube @itstraceynguyen

I can't wait to hear what you say about this first episode!


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