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It's time we stop letting Instagram vanity metrics run our life & our business growth!

So I heard you have been trying hard to level up your Instagram. But does this sound more like your current situation?

  • You've been following all the tips & tricks that you learned from Instagram gurus and influencers, nothing seems to work. Your followers barely grew and your engagement rate remains flat line.
  • You’ve spent most of your time trying to catch up with the engagement pods full of people with content that you don’t really care for but you feel obligated to like & comment on their content because that’s how engagement pods operate.
  • You check your phone every minute to see how many likes you get on your recent post and reply to “generic” comments from other IGers. 
  • You still haven’t scored any new clients. Your Instagram bio says you are an expert at what you do but where are your real clients?
  • FINALLY! Some inquiries are in the DM but you quickly realize they are low quality clients and can't really afford your service.
  •  You’ve had enough. You've got bills to pay and dreams to chase. So you decide to buy some followers, hoping that it will help you look more presentable and will prompt clients to reach out to you.
  • Nothing really changes, so you pay more for some automation services, joined many more engagement pods. But whatever you do, you just can’t seem to get things moving for your brand and your business.
  • Then, you realize that you could lie to the world but you couldn’t lie to yourself. Now you feel like a total fraud. 
  • You are frustrated & confused. You don’t know if you were made for this entrepreneurship thing. You went from course to course, you filled up yourself with tons of information but you have not yet saw a transformation.
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How the heck did I know this?

I have one simple answer: I’ve been there before, and I spent a good 5 years being STUCK in that space.

I spent my first 5 years as an entrepreneur making all the possible mistakes that all entrepreneurs in the world could make.

I failed and failed and failed until I realized that if I continued to do the same thing, I would probably end up with the same results.

So I picked myself back up, re-evaluated my goals and started to dig deeper within. The deeper I dig, the more I realized that these mistakes were actually blessings in disguise.

These mistakes and failures helped me to realize that:

  • Instagram popularity DOES NOT always put money in the bank account.
  • 20K IG followers feels great but sure doesn't feel as BOMB as $15k monthly income.
  • Brand deals & paid partnerships may look cool but what about a business that you have FULL CONTROL of. 

Last but not least, I realized that 6 months of hard core focus and commitments can really put us 5 years ahead of the game.

So, I decided to turn things around.

What did I do differently?

  • I stopped focusing on IG vanity metrics and start focusing on the important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that result in paid clients & meaningful relationship with my tribe.
  • I re-evaluated my strategy & re-programmed my mindset. No more playing SMALL & following what's TRENDY!
  • I invested in my own education &  in a business coach.
  • I started to put more time in building a overall solid BRAND than on browsing and playing catch up with Instgram.
  • I worked on creating a structure for my business & a profit system that is now allowing me to travel the world 3 times a year with my hubby, generated a 6 figure revenue social media agency, 7X my influencer income and give back to organizations in ASIA that rescues and helps human trafficking victims rebuild their life.

Today, I am helping and mentoring other female entrepreneurs to find their authentic voice, FAST TRACK their success & build a business that they wake up feeling excited about though my BUILD YOUR BOSS BRAND ONE ON ONE COACHING & BYBB MASTER CLASS.

What Other Boss Babes Are Saying About Me

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Samantha K

"Since working with Tracey, my income has quadrupled in two months. Before starting with Tracey, I did not have any clear vision for my business and was just hoping and waiting around for my potential clients to find me. She taught me how to narrow in on my vision, and how to look at money differently. Since making little changes, I am already blown away with the results. Tracey truly cares about helping you succeed. I highly recommend working with Tracey to turn your business around and start making the money you know you are worth."

Owner of Samantha Kay Studio

Photographer for Boss Women

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Fifa T

"Since working with Tracey, I’ve been able to kickstart my business in the right direction. I’ve never gotten this many customers all at once! Not only have I found my voice and removed my blockages but I’ve also mustered up both the confidence and the courage to really be myself for once. I feel like a completely new person, one that’s finally broken out of her shell after so many years. This is by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. Tracey is so kind and patient. She genuinely wants to help you succeed no matter what. She truly has a gift for seeing people for who they really are. It truly is an experience like no other!"

Branding & Web Designer

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"I would recommend Tracey to female entrepreneurs who are looking for support with their social media marketing. Tracey has a lot of experience in developing effective content strategies that would engage with your target customers. Her approach to branding is admirable, and I respect her determination when it comes to producing value for her customers."




Owner of Minimabasics

Ready to stop feeling stuck and start taking control of your life & build a brand & a business that you actually love waking up to?

Let's see if we are a good fit for my Build Your Boss Brand One on One Coaching Program.


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