Did you know that an average CEO reads about 4-5 books a month? Over the years of building my own business and improving on my self-growth, I have read a countless amount of books that have helped me to grow myself and my business. Today, I want to share with you my top 5 books that every single boss babe needs to read in 2019 to attract more money and wealth to her life.

#5: Outwitting The Devil: The Secret To Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon is known for his book “Think & Grow Rich” but a lot of people don’t know that he has written this secret manuscript that didn’t get published until he passed away. This book is a conversation between him and the “Devil” or also known as “poverty”. At first, I found it was a little hard to read but then I couldn’t put it down. This book will bring your money mindset to a whole different level of consciousness. You will see and understand why only a small amount of the population is making the most money. You will understand why the rich keep getting richer and the poor remain poor. It is remarkable and mind blown.



#4: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! Release Your Money Blocks And Live Your First-Class Life by Denise Duffield Thomas

I love Denise and this book. I think this is a Must-Read for all women. In this book, Denis speaks the truth about the journey of overcoming her own money blocks. I could relate to many of them as a woman.  Reading this book has slowly made me realize that I could indeed live my first-class life. Denise was honest, authentic and funny. Bonus, she is also a Virgo! Just like me 

This book has helped me release so many money blocks that I didn’t even know I had. If you are struggling to build a business that you truly love, not sure why you run away from money, or find yourself putting a limit on your income, you need to pick up this book today.


#3: You Are A BadAss At Making Money: Master The Mindset Of Wealth by Jen Sincero

You know I love me some Jen Sincero since You Are A Bad Ass. This was the first book I picked up after leaving my corporate job and pursuing my own journey.

Jen is funny, to the point and down to earth when it comes to her tips & advice. She is relatable and funny. This book is perfect for those who want to hit the restart button when it comes to their personal finance. I love that Jen put money into a conversational context, which makes money topic a lot more digestible and less intimidating.



#2: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, you must have heard about this book at least once in your life. “Think and Grow Rich” is every entrepreneur’s bible.

Although the book was written a long time ago, the principles in this book are timeless. You will find this book interesting at different stages of your life. I didn’t find the book as valuable 3 years ago as I did reading it at the age of 28 and actually trying to build a business myself.

This book has changed so many lives and I hope it will change yours as well. This book is everything about the power of the mind and how the rich and successful people throughout history have been operating on the common principles and fundamentals. The fundamentals discussed in this book are important for anybody to grow and succeed regardless of what position or industry you are in.

#1: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

Call me old school and nerdy! I finished this book within 5 hours.

This book is by far my #1 most favourite book.

The Science Of Getting Rich will completely turn your mindset around. My favorite point in this book is when the author explains why competitive mindset is a poverty mindset. He mentions that in order for you to think in a competitive manner, you must have a scarcity mentality. When you move on from the competitive mindset into a creative plane of thought, nobody else can really compete with you. You are no longer worried about the competition but instead, focusing on maximizing your potentials and your creativity. Interesting right?

This book really changes the conventional way of entrepreneurial thinking and helps to position your head in a space of growth and manifesting wealth to the fullest. A must-read book for anyone who wants to truly attract wealth & money and happiness to their life. It’s simple, to the point and truly emphasizes the law of attraction, but on a whole different level.



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