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Imagine Having The Road Map To Building A Successful & Soul Fulfilling Business & A Brand That You Love!

What would your dream life look like?

Less time spent on social media & more time spent being creative and doing what you truly love?

How about having more time to spend with your loved ones or the freedom to travel the world?

And doing it all without the constant stress, frustration & overworking!

Nice To Meet You!

My name is Tracey Nguyen!

 ⚡️ I am a content creator, entrepreneur, podcast host & business coach for online entrepreneurs. I love matcha 🍵 and consider myself a data + creativity geek at heart!

By the way, I'm also a Virgo ♍︎ (which explain the analytic data-driven side).

🙌🏻 My passion is to help driven, hard-working & ambitious #bosswomen like YOU to level up your online brand and build a BOSS business, without the constant hustle cycle nor sleazy sale tactic!

🎉 During my coaching career, I've helped and coached hundreds of digital female entrepreneurs & influencers around the world to grow their online brand & build their social media presence.

The biggest reward 🥳 of all is to be able to watch them grow, exceed their own expectations & inspire so many other women out there and pay it forward!

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"Give Yourself The Permission To Fail Forward."

From 15K Credit Card Debt To Building A 6 Figure Brand & Social Media Agency

If you are here looking to get inspired by a “quick ride to success” kinda story, you can close this browser now.

My story is nothing of that kind. In fact, I failed miserably during my first 5 years of pursuing entrepreneurship. But, those first 5 years have taught me many valuable life & business lessons that got me here & helped me build a multi 6 figure social media agency from the ground up & 7X my coaching business.

And I did it all while traveling & exploring different parts of the world. 

Tracey Nguyen Online Business Coach
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"You Can And You Will! End Of The Story."

What I've Learned From My Failures:

✔️ Having 20K followers on Instagram and a well-marketed brand DOES NOT MEAN A THING without a solid business system. It is like driving a nice car without an engine

✔️ Anyone can become SUCCESSFUL & WEALTHY, you just have to decide & take the necessary actions to claim your SUCCESS.

✔️ There is no SECRET to success. So what you need is NOT another guru promising to tell you their secrets for thousands & thousands of dollars but a FOREVER GREEN & PROVEN BUSINESS SYSTEM that can be implemented consistently.

✔️ Failing is a part of your journey. A person who fails many times in life is NOT A FAILURE until he or she decides to blame it on someone else. It's time we take responsibility for our success!

✔️ You can and will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to. All you need is a detailed road map + a specific plan of action + a mentor who has been down that road.

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Samantha K

"Since working with Tracey, my income has quadrupled in two months. Before starting with Tracey, I did not have any clear vision for my business and was just hoping and waiting around for my potential clients to find me. She taught me how to narrow in on my vision, and how to look at money differently. Since making little changes, I am already blown away with the results. Tracey truly cares about helping you succeed. I highly recommend working with Tracey to turn your business around and start making the money you know you are worth."

Owner of Samantha Kay Studio

Photographer for Boss Women

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Fifa T

"Since working with Tracey, I’ve been able to kickstart my business in the right direction. I’ve never gotten this many customers all at once! Not only have I found my voice and removed my blockages but I’ve also mustered up both the confidence and the courage to really be myself for once. I feel like a completely new person, one that’s finally broken out of her shell after so many years. This is by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. Tracey is so kind and patient. She genuinely wants to help you succeed no matter what. She truly has a gift for seeing people for who they really are. It truly is an experience like no other!"

Branding & Web Designer

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"I would recommend Tracey to female entrepreneurs who are looking for support with their social media marketing. Tracey has a lot of experience in developing effective content strategies that would engage with your target customers. Her approach to branding is admirable, and I respect her determination when it comes to producing value for her customers."




Owner of Minimabasics


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